Nathan Ellstrand

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About Me

I am a Doctor in History and Arthur J. Schmitt Fellow at Loyola University Chicago, and a Visiting Student Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. Among various topics, I am interested in United States-Latin American transnational history, ideology, and borderlands. I recently finished my dissertation on the anti-communist, Catholic, and nationalist Mexican UniĆ³n Nacional Sinarquista (National Synarchist Union) within the context of the United States during World War II. My work for my Masters in Latin American Studies at the University of California, San Diego covered women's leadership in the Partido Liberal Mexicano while the party was in exile in early twentieth century Los Angeles. I have also conducted research and presented on the sanctuary movement of the 1980s.

Apart from academia, I am passionate about education and social justice. I enjoy eating (I'm a foodie!) and traveling in my free time. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.